Morgan Jones cathode Follower
Author Dimitar Gitsov

A few months ago a friend told me: I have a headset but I am sick to listen them with my computer's integrated sound card and so I want a separate amplifier, but do not want something everyone has, I want tubes. So what's easier than that? I wondered how to help him and stopped on an old proven scheme of Head Wize, namely the cathode follower of Morgan Jones.

I turned my attention to an improved version of Alex Cavalli, the one with feedback, and because my friend is not burdened like me about hyper-ultra-mega components and congenital panic fear of feedback, I sat down and quickly gathered a simple amplifier with components I found at home.

After 2-3 hours for several days this bunch of components became a good sounding amplifier:

Here's a more detailed picture so you can see what I used. All components are easy to find, all capacitors are ELNA, only transference ones are WIMA, resistors are the most common Chinese resistors, didn't searched directins of wiring and the fuse, tubes are E88SS TESLA, and connectors are also Chinese, all wiring done with UTP cable. Power and heating of the tubes is done with separate transformers.