Headphones Amplifier based on 6N30P-DR
Author Dimitar Gitsov

After a long wandering and quarrels with high-end gurus, I sat down and repeat Andrea Chifoli's amplifier, namely:

Which appeared that sound pretty well. Once I shared with some friends what I did, they advised me to try to change the tubes' bias points, because they were far from optimal. I listened to them and changed the cathode resistor to 510 ohms wire, which was not so smart. After a few experiments I stopped at 180 volts for Anode, 390 ohm resistor in the cathode and -8.5 volts bias, and increased and cathode capacitor up to 1500uF. A few people have heard this amp and have shared that sounds pretty well (I hope they are sincere), thus since some improvements with elements the sounding have improved even more. I put VR6 Vladimir Ryzhkov output transformer, Audio Note & Shinkoh tantalum for cathode resistor, and for the surge capacitor I used Black Gate NX series. All wiring is UP-OOC Cupper Neotech. Filtration also used Black Gate VK and WK, my idea was not to allow compromise with equipment and after all get the following.


A couple simulations:

Input and output signals:


Output impedance:

Output power as a function of input signal:

Phase shift:


And finally distortion:

As you can see for 0.6 volt input level the distortion is below 0.5% which according to my requirements is more than well. Well it's shortly after numerous advice and guidance of friends I became the owner of this gem and for a price of less than 800 leva.
I want to thank Simon, Andro, Velin and Kruger for assistance rendered in the creation of this amp.

And here is a photo of the finished amplifier I created: